Alison Booth

Alison is an artist and facilitator who is passionate about inspiring creativity and imagination in everyone. Her work combines art with technology, and often uses found and recycled materials in playful ways. Alison has been working with children and young people for six years on creative projects which span film, animation, art and craft.


Trash to Treasure

This session allows participants to explore different techniques and processes to use with pupils to turn recycled materials into treasured and useful objects, encouraging their pupils to recycle in a creative way.  After sharing examples of existing recycled product design, the session introduces various processes to turn plastic bags into decorative items such as rugs, cushions, and lanterns, and using basic origami to transform waste paper into beautiful light shades. These ideas would act as a starting point, encouraging participants to venture into the Scrap warehouse to discover what else they could use to create or adorn useful objects, to teach children and young people about product design and recycling.
Suitable for: KS1, 2, 3
Curriculum Links:
Art, product design, design and technology, science (recycling)
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will learn about:
  • existing examples of recycled art and product design that they can share
  • basic product design processes
  • various processes that they can apply to create objects (eg. Origami)
  • processes to transform plastic bags including making yarn, weaving, fusing and lantern making
This workshop can be a 2 hour twilight session or a half day.

iPad Animation

This session allows teachers and professionals to learn how to create and edit stop motion animations using free software on an iPad. Participants will be led through the technical process of setting up, capturing, editing and adding music and/or voiceovers to a stop motion animation. They will also explore the potential of animation across the curriculum for telling stories, or explaining ideas, and be introduced to the range of creative media that can be used within animation, with the Scrap warehouse as a source of inspiration.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring an iPad with you.
Suitable for: KS1, 2, 3, 4
Curriculum Links:
Art, media, ICT, speaking and listening, English (and potential links to all other areas, eg. history, maths, science etc depending on the topic of the animation!)
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will learn
  • About the potential of stop motion animation as a tool to use across the curriculum
  • About the different materials and equipment you can use to create animations
  • How to plan, prepare and set up a stop motion animation
  • How to use iMotion software on the iPad to capture an animation
  • How to use iMovie to add music and voice overs
This workshop can be a 2 hour twilight session or a half day.