Meet Our Makers

We're delighted to present the lynch pins of our Maker Space...

LeKisha Bradley
Kisha grew up collecting buttons, pipe cleaners and puffy paint for creative epiphanies. Now she creates spaces for children to bring their imaginations to life. She specialises in mixing technology with art - think hacking your toys to play your favourite song! In her free time, Kisha enjoys reading, running and hanging out with the family dogs.




Jessica Ciantar
Since receiving her very serious degree from The Slade School of Fine Art, Jessica has been making a living by playing and exploring in the not so serious world of Set Design. Making the ridiculous into reality is her speciality. Need a butterfly made from sunglasses? No problem!





James Diable
James is an artist, story teller, photographer, performer and teacher. He has a background in Illustration, Fine Art and Curiosity and a keen interest in taking things apart and the re-imagining of inanimate lost souls, and searching for new ideas in our throw-away society.






Richard Shaw
Richard is a freelance animator who also enjoys working in schools and youth clubs with children and young people. They constantly inspire him to learn about other creative disciplines, such as light painting, hand casting, prop and costume making and much more. He isn’t afraid to get messy and will go to ridiculous lengths to engage and inspire the children he works with!