Scrap Shed


"At Athersley South Primary we believe that the Scrap Shed adds another dimension to our outside provision and it supports the development of essential life skills.
This is what our Y6 children think and we feel that they sum it up very well, 'It improves teamwork in every class.' (Tyler),' It expands our imagination.' (Jack) and 'It makes us good at problem solving' (The whole class)." Jayne Whiteley, Headteacher



Take a look at the Scrapshed in action  

Scrap Sheds are metal containers, wooden sheds or ecosheds which are filled with recycled materials and equipment suitable for outdoor creative play: plastics, large reels, huge tubes, pipes, large boxes, old tyres, material, tarpaulin, denbuilding and much more. 
The Scrap Shed is filled and replenished throughout the year and positioned in your grounds in easy, accessible locations for children to use. The choice of shed depends on your budget and the timescale you have for installation. We also offer you training to make the most out of it.
The ultimate aim of the Scrap Shed is to provide children with a creative alternative to directed games. Children lead the play and need little or no intervention from adults. The Scrap Shed actively encourages children to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences and develop their capacities, from a young age and from the earliest play experiences. It helps children take their classroom learning experiences into imaginative play outdoors.
If you would like to talk to us about getting your own Scrap Shed in your school, setting or community group please, get in touch!
Telephone: 0113 345 2627
‘Play’ is one of few things that almost all of us have experienced in our lives, and many adults look back on their own childhood with fond memories. But in the 21st Century many adults have become concerned about the loss of childhood and the possibility that children have forgotten how to play. They need not be concerned, “The truth is that, unless they are seriously undernourished or in a state of fear, children will always play when they are on their own, unsupervised, in the freedom of open space.” (Peter and Iona Opie, 1997)

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